Harper, Jake

Jake Harper (Banrei) was born in Washington DC in 1988. Formerly of New York and Berlin-based Soundwalk Collective, he is most known for his work with sirens. In 2015, he founded Public Decibel, a sonic architecture firm whose aim is to solve placemaking and urban design challenges through sound.



Kalsmose, Mille

Mille Kalsmose is a Danish conceptual installation artist, based in Copenhagen and New York. She is working in various medias such as photography, video, light, sound and objects. She holds a Master from UAB, Barcelona and attended SVA, New York.



Bejar, Daniel

Daniel Bejar is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work considers and critiques the representation of history, place, and the self within the structures of power encompassing our physical and digital worlds. His performance-based, interventionist practice manifests in different forms including documentation, photography, video, text, installation, sculpture, and web-based media.



Mourao, Raul

Inspired by his urban surroundings, conceptual artist Raul Mourão marries fragments of the real and imaginary in his mobile sculptures, drawings, videos, and performances. Using meticulous, seemingly architectural drawings as his starting point, Mourão creates minimalist abstract sculptures and assemblages that focus on the tension between the raw chaos of the city and its controlled geometry, incorporating referents such as metal railings, security systems, fences, and objects reminiscent of trolleys and stalls. He also creates surrealistic films that offer glimpses of peripheral urban experiences with dreamlike juxtapositions of disparate objects. Brazilian, b. 1967, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Waller, Sue