Vieux, Anne

Anne Vieux is interested in the optics of the computer screen, and its implications on the perception of abstract painting. This concern is translated in her paintings through visual reverberations springing from the mistranslation and slips of scale that come with digital reproductions of material surfaces. Born in Michigan in 1985 and currently based in New York, Anne Vieux received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2012 and her BFA in Painting and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. Vieux’s work has been exhibited in solo shows at Good Weather Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas; and Stream Gallery, New York. Recent group exhibitions include: The Willows, New York; CES Gallery, Los Angeles; Regina Rex, New York; Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York; and Cranbrook Museum of Art, Michigan.

Zezula, Hayden

Hayden Zezula is a 3d animator from Austin TX, currently in NYC. He focuses on memorizing looping video, blending beautiful and creepy to create unsettling imagery. He has collaborated on projects with clients such as MTV, HBO, Paramount, adidas, Converse, tumblr, VICE, Universal, Calvin Klein, and Samsung, and his work has been published by WIRED, The Creators Project, Tech Insider, BOOOOOOOM, Boing Boing, among others.

Cannon, Sam

Sam Cannon is an artist and director based in NYC. Her personal work lives between still photography and video, and focuses on the manipulation of time, space, and the female form. Her images explore the way we interact with never-ending moments in the age of the 15-second clip. Cannon has worked on projects for Gap, Veuve Cliquot, Nike, musician Vic Mensa, Universal Studios, and New York Fashion Week. Her work has been published by NYLON, Untitled, It’s Nice That, CNBC, and more.

Maer, Thoka

Thoka Maer is an artist based in New York who illustrates and creates animated illustrations. Her work runs the gamut from the figurative/narrative to the abstract/surreal, with the consistent use of pencil and crayon. She has collaborated on projects with Giphy, Tumblr, Medium, Reebok, Sony, Electric Objects, Vogue, Penn Gazzette, TED, and her work has been published by The New York Times, NYT Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, and more.

Brown, Matthias

Matthias Brown (Traceloops) is an artist specializing in hand-drawn, black and white, traditional animation. He studied Graphic Design at SCAD Atlanta and currently resides in Jersey City, NJ. He has collaborated with a variety of brands, including Converse, NBC, The Tate Modern, Ghostly International, Hyundai, MTV, AXE, Perrier, A&E, Warby Parker, CNN, and others. His work has been published by ABC News, Colossal, AdWeek, The Creators Project, Billboard, Milk, and more.

Gnecco, Pablo

Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Bogota, Colombia living in New York City. Gnecco founded Studio Studio to create and collaborate with like minded artists, designers, and engineers to dream up site-specific interactive installations and immersive experiences. Gnecco has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Atlanta, New York City, Boston, and Bogota. His work has been featured in online publications such as Fast Company, Papermag, The Creators Project, Design Milk, and more.

Rothberg, Sarah

Sarah Rothberg is a new media artist working in response to new technologies. Her interests lie in virtual reality, social media + neuroscience (especially memory), and global systems. Her artwork has been shown at bitforms gallery, REVERSE, Pioneer Works, Babycastles, Grand Central Station, and more. It takes many forms: VR, animation, interactive music, gifs, writing, websites, pranks, one-liners, conversations across stalls in the bathrooms, songs sung quietly into the ears of CEOs.

Haraldsson, Harald

Harald Haraldsson is a designer and artist based in New York City. His work includes installations, films, and products. A native of Iceland, he holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Kudsk Steensen, Jakob

Jakob Kudsk Steensen is a Danish installation artist based in New York, who combines satellite technologies with video, virtual reality and computer generated environments with real world landscape explorations and cartographic research. His work has most recently been exhibited at The Moving Image Fair, NYC, MAXXI, Museum of Modern Art in Rome, Museum of Modern Art Valencia, Podium in Oslo, Norway, and at Sleep Center in China Town, NYC. His work has been featured on Artnet, The Art Newspaper, Hyperallergic, Spike Art Quaterly, ARTREPORT, Politiken, Information, Worm, NEO2 and TSOEG. He has received awards from the Danish Arts Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, and in 2016 he was a finalist for Climart.  He has been artist in residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, AADK, Centra Negra, MASS MoCA and BRIC (Brooklyn Media Arts Center).

Bowers, Bradley

Bradley Bowers holds a B.F.A. in Industrial Design and a Masters of Art in Furniture Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Intrigued by the power and knowledge that objects can bring, Bowers’ work allows materials and their design to speak for themselves. His latest project, The COSMOS collection, is the result of Bowers’ research into virtual simulations, and generative algorithms, inspired by planetary orbits and interstellar space, applied to textile. His work has been featured in publications such as Farenheit Magazine, Architectural Digest Italy, Metropolis Magazine, Design Milk, and more.

Alex Czetwertynski

Alex Czetwertynski is a digital artist, curator and creative director for experiential productions, with a focus on content creation and spatial integration. Graduated from the University of Paris IV La Sorbonne with a Masters in Philosophy. Czetwertynski has creative directed large scale concert graphics for  Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, The Strokes, Santana, Timbaland and many more.

Clar, James

Media artist James Clar explores the effects of media and technology on our perceptions of culture and identity. “What I’m trying to do is pull these pixels out of the screen and into our physical reality. Then they can exist not as a flat 2D surface, but as a physical object that interacts with the real environment they are placed in.” Clar’s manipulations of light have included a meticulous composition of 1000 individually controlled LEDs forming a cube. He is a new voice in a long line of light-focused artists, from Dan Flavin to Olafur Eliasson.

Tet, Freeka

Freeka Tet is a French-born, New York City-based digital artist and creative mercenary working in the realm of experimental art. His practice combines objects, prosthetics, animatronics, hacking, coding, electronics, audio & video plunderphonics, bricolage, and performance-based work. Taking inspiration from internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behaviour, Tet reinterprets the elements he comes into contact with, blurring creative expression with technical execution. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries such as La Gaité Lyrique, Benaki Museum, and Fondation Cartier.