That’s not it

Curated by Alex Czetwertynski


August 19–September 2, 2017


Opening Reception
Saturday, August 19, 5PM–12AM


That’s not it is a group exhibition that plays with our need to categorize art practices, but insists on the “tip of the tongue” moment we all feel when confronted with the endless range of the so-called “post-new media art.” Spread across the entire basement level of Mana Contemporary, the show uses Mana’s versatile studio environment as exhibition space, combining works that range from interactive sound work to machine vision and moving light sculptures. Featuring guest artists as well as BSMT artists-in-residence, and framed in the context of the Mana BSMT’s New Media Program, Thats not it wraps digital practices in a loose net, but falters when asked: “what is it?”